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Temporary living house

Temporary living house

Advantage: Modular K prefab house, adopted light steel framing as its bearing structure, surrounded by sandwich panels of wall and roof. At the basic of design concept of K-house products are universally, standardization and modular, it totally achieved the advantages of temporary buildings such as serialization development, industrialization production, matching supply, assemble & dismantle quickly and many time of reusing. Convenient to installation, with the best cost performance.
Temporary living house
Application: It is widely applied to use as temporary house for engineering camps, government arrangement buildings, large-scale games and commercial events, etc.

Temporary living house is widely used in many areas. First of all, the period of city construction removed the old houses and building new architecture project. In this period, temporary prefabricated house is mostly used as construction workers, according to the advantage of saving cost and comfort, there is no doubt that K-house is the best choice for this purpose. Secondly, this house can be used as office, too.


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