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Modular Prefab T House

Modular Prefab T House

Customized luxury Modular prefab T house

Advantage:  The outlook is more beautiful, the interior arrangement more flexible, the sound insulation and heat insulation with better performance due to modular T-house without visible column of (external) surface. It is a better choice to use for office of construction companies and display room.
Modular Prefab T House

Following customer requirements to design, then all of T-house’ components are processed and finished at workshop, at last deliver them to site and set them up. It can shorten construction period and also can protect the working environment.

Application: It is widely applied to use as temporary house for engineering camps, government arrangement buildings, large-scale games and commercial events, etc.



Here is a basic material list for Prefabricated T-house for reference.

1)Stand column: 100x100x3.0100x150x3.0100x200x3.0

2)Roof beam:  □100x150x3.0□120x60x3.0C80x2.0+C50x30x1.3

3)Floor beam:  C80x2.0 + C50x30x2.0□100x200x3.0

4)Ring beam: □100x100x3.0□80x80x3.0

5)Horizontal support: L 50x3.0

6)Floor purlin: C120x2.0C100x2.0; Galvanized raw color.

7)Roof purlin: C80x2.0C100x2.0□80x40x2.0; Galvanized raw color.

8)Aisle board: Checked plate 2.3mm thk;

9)Staircase: C 160x2.5 & checked plate 2.3mm thk;

10)Glass wool sandwich wall panel: 50mm thk; density: 38kg/m³, steel plate thk 0.376mm;

11)Glass wool sandwich tile panel: 50mm thk; density: 35kg/m³, steel plate thk 0.376mm;

12)Partition slot: aluminum slot 1.0mm thk

13)Hemming: thk 0.376mm blue color steel.

14)Floor board: thk 1518mm plywood; (or thk 15-18mm cement fiber board )

15)PVC window & Sandwich door.



Assemble step


Main materials


Materials for choosing


Wall core panel


Floor board






Packing & Deliver


Due to all components of Modular prefab T house are separate, we would pack all the materials and put them in the counter as possible as we can. In general, One 40HQ shipment container can be loaded 200~300 square meters of materials. If you have any requirements about packing, you can communicate with us when ordering.


Project Display


Domestic project


Foreign project


Construction site


Interior layout

1)-Set the foundation as drawing, then start to erect the columns firstly.

2)-Install the ring beams to keep the structure stably.

3)- Set the floor beams & roof beams. (This kind of roof beams included the canopy structure)

4)-Assemble the stair brackets, then put on the floor purlins & the roof purlins.

5)-Assemble the staircase structure and set the aisle boards & the railing.

6)-Set the floor board and fix in the wall panels, at the same time fix the windows & doors.

7)-Fix the roof tiles, the covered-edges for the roof structure.

8)-Install sandwich panels for the railing of staircase & aisle. (Others installation, fixed the rivets and sealed the gaps by glass glue.)



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