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Steel Structure Building

Steel Structure Building

Large-span light Steel Structure Building

Steel structure building mainly refers to the bearing components are made of steel materials, including the steel pillar, steel beam, steel framing foundation, steel roof truss and steel roof covering.
Steel structure is one kind of structure buildings and popular in the modern building engineering. Steel structures are applied to many enterprises of building industrial and the many of them are subject to optimize the structure, save resource, recycled using so that they adopted steel structure building for their newly architectures.



1)-Seismic capacity: Steel structure basically consists of triangular roof truss system made of cold rolled steel components which form a very strong “rib steel structure system” after the structural panels have been 
sealed by those steel components. This kind of structure system has stronger ability to resist earthquake and endure horizontal loading, so it is suitable for areas with earthquakes of over magnitude 8.

2)-Wind resistance: Section steel structure building is characterized by light weight, high strength, strong integral rigidity and good deforming ability. The self-weight of such building is only one fifth of the brick-concrete structure, and it can resist a hurricane of 70m/s.
3)- Durability: The whole steel housing structure comprises cold-bending thin-wall steel components while the steel skeleton is produced from cold rolled and galvanized sheet of anti-corrosion, high strength, effectively avoiding corrosion of the steel sheet i the process of construction and using, and it’s life-span is up to 100 years.
4)- Comfortable: There is ventilation system on the roof which forms flowing air, thus ensuring the ventilation and cooling effects inside of roof.
5)-Quick installation: The whole installation is dry construction and is free from the impacts of environment and seasons.
6)-Environment-friendly & Energy-saving: All the materials could be recycled completely with less pollution. The wall system is characterized by high-efficiency, energy-saving, good heat & sound insulation performance. It can save the energy by 50%.





1.Steel structure industrial workshop, warehouse, office building, canteen and dormitory;
2.Public steel structure facilities: stadium, entertainment place, shopping mall, parking lots;
3.Public transport facilities: large cross-sea steel structure bridge on the highway and highway toll station.
4.Steel structure commercial office block, exhibition center, observation tower.


Simple installation



  1. Embedded steel plate
  2. Steel column hoisting
  3. Steel column rods connection
  4. Steel beam connection
  5. Steel beam hoisting installation
  6. Purlins and rod ties are linked with horizontal supports
  7. Roof panel installation
  8. Wall panel installation
  9. Completed






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