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Portable Toilet & Sentry box

Portable Toilet & Sentry box

Low cost but real Portable Toilet & Sentry box

Portable toile&sentry box are consisted of steel welding frames, the bottom are adopted the welded steel grooves and the column are used by steel square tubes.
The wall could be add the (surface) materials are corrugated steel sheets, FRP (fiber reinforce plastics), stainless steel plates, carving pattern metal sheets and so on.
The skeleton structure are fit for hoisting requirements and very easy for moving.




1)-Movable, it can avoid to waste during dismantling the old houses.

2)-Many ways for sewage, according to the using environment requires to provide a reasonable pollution discharge system.

3)-To compare the cover area of the tradition fixed toilet, portable toilet largely can save areas, if facing the tight space to be used.

4)-The appearance of movable toilet could be produced in good looks as the places requirements and it doesn’t impact to be used.

5)-The tradition toilet installation have to go through these steps, such like confirm location, buy the materials, need the work to do the construction and so on. But, the portable toilets are the finished product by manufacturers and could be hoist and set to the place directly, so that it could save many resources of labor, material & cost.





Mobile toilets and sentry boxes don’t be restricted by any working environments, with lightweight structure and reasonable appearances. 
They are suitable for using as city streets, parks, train stations, piers, scenic spots; And also applied for the public places of villa area, new building area, large scale construction site, squares.

Especially, the portable toilets and washing rooms have advantages of removable, combined using and convenience transport. What’s more, the interior decoration of mobile toilets are better than the fixed one in general.





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