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Cheap luxury modular house

Cheap luxury modular house

Cheap luxury modular house

Advantage:  The outlook is more beautiful, the interior arrangement more flexible, the sound insulation and heat insulation with better performance due to modular T-house without visible column of (external) surface. It is a better choice to use for office of construction companies and display room.
Cheap luxury modular house

Following customer requirements to design, then all of T-house’ components are processed and finished at workshop, at last deliver them to site and set them up. It can shorten construction period and also can protect the working environment.
Application: It is widely applied to use as temporary house for engineering camps, government arrangement buildings, large-scale games and commercial events, etc.

In the same condition, Cheap luxury modular house is far cheaper than traditional villa. And we can spend less time installing such a T-house villa, which means you can enjoy the lives in villa as early as possible. You should know that eight workers can build up a standard two-floor house in two days, which is unthinkable in traditional construction at all.


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